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Clear Counselling

Therapy with Dayana Eastwood
My Approach

Clear Counselling is about approaching things in a simple, straightforward way, and going from feeling confused, stuck or overwhelmed to that feeling of clarity where things make sense, there’s a way forward, and you feel in charge of your life.


If you’re interested in trying out therapy or want to know more about it first, have a look through the pages on getting started, some FAQs on how therapy works, or get in touch.

Hi, my name is Dayana and I’m a fully qualified counsellor, practicing in Horfield, Bristol.


Here's where you can find out a little about me and see where we'd work together.

Getting Started

Find out more about how to make a start and what's involved in working together

Where and when?

The first session

How many sessions?

Cost and payment

About Therapy

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